Wine Cellar Services
Wine Cellar Services is a personal wine consulting firm and
licensed retailer  with over 3,000 clients worldwide.  

Services we provide include:
- Sourcing hard-to-find and/or collectible bottles.
- Expert Witness Services.  References available.
- Designing and building physical cellars in your home or office.
- Moving entire collections.
- Multi-course private wine dinners for personal or corporate events.
- Instant Cellars-- "Turn Key" collections with breadth & depth.

A colleague has opened "Ideal55".  
Offering competitive rates &
unlimited 24/7/365 access
to your wine, it is the new place to store.  
For further details visit
or contact them at 1-866-IDEAL55.
Mention "Wine Cellar Services" for a discounted rate.
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Contact Information
Michael Carpenter
Phone   310.470.6150
Fax       310.475.8885
If you wish to thin out your collection,
please submit your cellar list or send a
message to learn what
WCS can do for you.
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